A Great Team of Volunteers

Alhamdulliah with the grace of Allah swt I’m back in the UK safely. I keep saying every trip I go on its been an eye opener and this certainly has been an eye opener.
People living in such a horrible unimaginable conditions especially the children were they are supposed to be at school and playing in playgrounds and enjoying life instead of mud fields and dirt

I have a great team of volunteers working with me tiresely all the time without them we won’t achieve much. We are giving out approximately about 6 to 10 thousand meals aday.

Insha Allah I’m returning to idomeni very soon for few days as I have teamed up with Al khair foundation and between both of us we are going to try and expand the cooking capacity. We are also will be looking after the baby and children needs too.
Anyone wishing to travel with please get in touch.

People keep saying to me that I have done this and done that but please remember I haven’t done anything, all this is because of your support and love for humanity and the love of Allah swt.

Ghafoor Hussain


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