Lets cook Meat

Aslamuakum. Something wonderful has happened today some brothers from France approached me yesterday and asked why we didn’t cooked meat when I explained it’s very hard to get hold of halal meat in this part of Greece they started looking ways to help.

They came back yesterday afternoon and asked if they can use the van in the morning.

They manage to find a local farmer and bought 10 live sheeps which they then slaughtered,skinned and cleaned them before bringing them to us and are going back in the morning to get 30 more. Masha Allah they done a very big good deed may Allah swt accept their good deeds. Ameen.

Some of the refugees haven’t had meat for about 5 months.

Can’t wait till the morning to make the meat and feed these people.

Ghafoor Hussain, 31 March 2016

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