Northern Greece

Day 2: Another day shuttling between various points in northern Greece. The day began with drive to Idomeni with some equipment before a dash South to Thessasolinki. Picked up two delightful Italian student volunteers who were looking for a ride to the airport after two weeks at the camp-another fine example of the close comradery that volunteers share in Idomeni. After purchasing items for the refugee school and running few logistical errands, it was back up to Idomeni where the Community Welfare Trust run kitchen (operated in partnership with Al-Khair Foundation) led impressively Ghafoor Hussain, a man of great energy and immense commitment to the humanitarian cause, was busy serving the daily meals. In the evening the team made a mad dash across to Kilkis to restock supplies with essential goods- water being amongst the top priority along with with other cooking materials. The day finally finished around midnight and it was back to the hotel for a well deserved pizza!! Zahid Akbar Atif Iqbal

Source:  Asif Rehman

2nd April 2016

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