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Feeding Humanity

I am Ghafoor Hussain (pictured on the left), a grandfather from Stockton On-Tees, UK.  During the late summer of 2015 I took a van full of food to the refugees in Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. While I was there I discovered that the people were mostly only getting cold meals.  

I thought there must be something we can do and that’s when I came up with the idea to buy a bus and convert it into a travelling kitchen.

When I came back to the UK I bought a single-decker bus and with the help of volunteers I converted it in to a fully fitted kitchen.

So together with Bamo Ghafari (pictured on the right) we embarked on our journey to Macedonia, Greece, Serbia, wherever we thought our services would be needed.  We were also joined by a team of volunteers on site too including doctors.

Now in to 2016, the kitchen bus is serving thousands of hot meals every day and recently we have even started cooking meat.  We have received an incredible level of support and donations which has allowed us to keep going for so long and god willing this will continue.  We are setting up this website to make it easier for everyone to follow what we do, to donate and to get involved.

Ghafoor Hussain,  12 April 2016.


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